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With a blend of lush distorted guitars, melodic vocals, and layered soundscapes, The Booda Velvets craft songs that are passionate and intelligent. Their music explores dynamics ranging from intense and visceral to dreamy and serene, with an undercurrent of pop sensibility that occasionally rises to the surface.

The Booda Velvets are known for delivering emotionally-charged performances that explore a diverse musical spectrum. "Our collective influences are all over the place, from folk and early punk to new wave and hip hop," explains lead singer Dan Cromie. "So our songs end up painting a broad musical spectrum. It lets us take our audience with us on more of an emotional journey than just going to see a rock show." Drawing upon varied roots, The Booda Velvets’ collaborative songwriting has evolved to create a unique sound that combines strong melodies, evocative lyrics, captivating guitars and solid grooves.

The Booda Velvets continue to create a buzz, playing over 20 dates a month, while touring throughout the US. In addition to winning countless enthusiastic fans through their musical and physical road tripping, The Booda Velvets are gaining tons of support from commercial and college stations all over the country. Music from Headrush has been featured on MTV, NBC, and a compilation CD called Bands For America, benefiting the Twin Towers Fund. Tower Records declared the band an "Emerging Artist." They performed live on The Mitch Albom Show, a nationally syndicated radio program averaging 8 million listeners. The Booda Velvets are also sponsored by, a featured artist on and are endorsed by Seymour Duncan.

Lead singer Dan Cromie, Bassist Jamie Balling, and Drummer Jonathan Yang originally met at college in Philadelphia, later moving to New York City, where they joined forces with Guitarist, Adam Wolfe Lerner to create their unique rock-based blend of atmospheric emotion. Their debut Gotham Records release, Headrush has been getting critical acclaim and radio support, adding further evidence to their rising popularity.

The Booda Velvets recently signed a recording contract with the independent record label Gotham Records. Founded by Patrick Arn in 1994, Gotham Records specializes in alternative rock and is distributed by Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), an AOL Time Warner company. Gotham Records has offices in New York City and Los Angeles. The Booda Velvets are currently touring to support their first full-length album Headrush, released by Gotham Records on September 4, 2001.

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